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For any organization and more so a bank to grow, two things are most important. 

1) Its human resources
2) Its ability to adapt to the changing environment

The bank boasts of 200 staff totally involved in the overall growth of the bank.  Right from the level of Sub Staff to the level of the CEO, all the staff carry a single minded devotion in ensuring the all round progress of the bank.  In order to equip the staff with the fast changing banking scenario, the staff are being updated with the latest information/ guidelines from RBI on a regular basis.  During the training programme, it is ensured that the staff are imparted the required knowledge in this regard. 

The training programme is being devised in such a way that the intended information is conveyed to the trainees at the level of their participation. 
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The bank is constantly adopting itself to the various changes in the banking sector.  In fact, it is a continuous process which the bank is religiously adhering to.  As is aware, the banking industry has witnessed tremendous changes in the last decade- be it in the interest rate regime/ credit administration and monitoring/ prudential norms on Income Recognition and Asset Classification/ Meeting the demands of new generation customers.  Technology upgradation takes a prominent place in the bank as can be seen from implementation of core banking solution. 

In the pipeline, the bank is contemplating to introduce SMS alerts as a first step of mobile banking, to introduce Internet Banking etc., to meet the ever growing demand of the customers.  The bank realizes that increase in network of branches directly contributes to the growth of the bank which in turn generates employment. 

The bank, true to its objective, helps the needy and the downtrodden by offering credit facilities at competitive interest rates.  The bank also fulfills RBI directive to lend to the Priority Sector.  The bank has never felt handicapped because of the regulations and the limitations applicable to an Urban Co-operative Bank by updating itself in every aspects of banking. 

The bank has a vision to be a trend setter in Co-operative Banking besides living up to the Principles steadfastly, preached and followed by our visionary Sir M. Visvesvaraya.    
Sri. Guruprasad T S
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Sir M Visvesvaraya Co-operative Bank limited is a Trend Setter and Market Leader in Co-Operative Banking
The Best Co-operative Bank in Karnataka

Sir M. Visvesvaraya Co-operative Bank Limited
a Trend Setter and Market Leader in Co-Operative Banks in Karnataka
The Best Co-operative Bank in Karnataka