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1. Fixed Deposit           - Interest payout scheme
                                         (Monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly/Yearly )
2. Re Investment          - Interest compounded (quarterly compounded)
3. Recurring Deposit     - Monthly Installment  (Quarterly compounded)

Interest Rates With Effect from 01.12.2016

1. From 30 Days to 180 Days                            5.00 %
2. From 181 Days to less than 1 Year               6.00 %
3. From 1 Year to up to 3 Years                        7.50 %
4. Above 3  years                                                7.00 %

  • Additional interest to Senior Citizens  0.50% for period of 181 days and above
  • Additional Interest to single deposit of Rs.1 crores and above 0.25%
  • Interest payment is subject to TDS

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Sir M Visvesvaraya Co-operative Bank limited is a Trend Setter and Market Leader in Co-Operative Banking
The Best Co-operative Bank in Karnataka

Sir M. Visvesvaraya Co-operative Bank Limited
a Trend Setter and Market Leader in Co-Operative Banks in Karnataka
The Best Co-operative Bank in Karnataka