Leaders talk

It gives me immense pleasure to say a few words about the Bank which we have nurtured all these years, in this hour of launching a new website. The Bank which commenced its operations on 15th April 1979 in a cramped space and with few thousand rupees as capital, has today, grown into a sought after Urban Co-operative Bank in the State of Karnataka. It is no wonder that the Bank is ranked high both in terms of business and also based on the customer opinion. In the last 5-6 years, the bank has really come off age with professional approach towards all gamut of banking – be it extending customer service or technological upgradation.

Innovation in introduction of New Deposit Schemes or New retail Loan products is a constant endeavors as is evidenced by launching of new deposit schemes or new credit schemes.

As a result, the customer base is now close to 1.00 lakhs which by any means is a creditable achievement considering the severe competition. The bank has carved a niche of its own in the city of Bangalore.

The bank has been functioning as per the ideals of Sir M. Visvesvaraya whose vision are the backbone of our working principle. We are second to none in extending the service demanded by our elite customers through our 11 fully computerized branches with the Core Banking Facility.

As of now, the banks total business mix overs around Rs. 2100 crores, comprising of Rs.1210.00 crores of Deposit Rs.1080.00 Crores of Advances and Rs.135 Crores own funds. Around 190 dedicated staff totally involve in the overall development of the bank realizing the fact that their growth is directly dependent on the bank’s growth.

The Bank has a vision of achieving a minimum business target of Rs.7000 Crores by March 2030 with a simple 20% growth to be achieved from now on.

With the continued patronage and support of our members, customers and professional Board of Directors coupled with the dedication of the staff of your Bank will fulfills its vision and mission sucessfully.

The website disseminate uptodate information on our products, method of availment, your views and also feedback of your expectations are welcome.

It is considered a privilege and honor to be on the board of this esteemed institution which stands for principles eulogized by the visionary Dr. Sir. M. Visvesvaraya.

The growth of an institution and more particularly a financial institution like ours also marks multiple challenges. It is the determination and dedication that overcomes such challenges. It is a feather in the cap that the bank has been continuously getting ‘A’ classification from the Statutory Auditors.

The Reserve Bank officials have also accorded satisfactory rating to the bank during their inspection. It is one of the few Urban Co-operative Banks and the first among the peers to completely computerize all its operation by implementing Core Banking Solution. The bank has a sound internal control mechanism by way of concurrent audit and internal inspection. The procedure and routine and the housekeeping occupy a prominent place in the eyes of the bank.

The staff at all levels are being trained in almost all fields of the banking depending upon the position of the employee. The training programme is a continuous process in the bank which is being considered as an investment for deriving long term benefit rather than looking at a mere factor to be complied with.

The bank has well formulated policies – be it relating to KYC/ credit / investment / customer service/ information technology keeping in view the RBI guidelines. The policies are being amended every year taking into account the amendments made by RBI from time to time.

Keeping in mind the working class customers, the bank has conveniently timed its business hours spread over in the mornings and late evenings. All types of services are extended in both the sessions.

The bank has several committees like Central Loan Committee, Risk Management Committee, Asset Recovery (NPA Review Committee), Committee for IT related activities/ Audit and Accounts Committee etc. These committees have Directors drawn from various fields who offer valuable guidance not only to the bank but also to the branches. These committees meet periodically review the progress made since the last meeting and formulate strategies to achieve the desired goals.

Overall, the bank has a well knit mechanism for smooth functioning.