About Us test

a. Registration Number JRB/REGN:3:4880/78-79-25.09.1978
b. RBI License Number KUMARAPARK BRANCH ACD:125/ dated 02.02.1978
c. RBI License Number CORPORATE OFFICE UBD.BG.BL.A.0310 dated 05.11.1998 .

d. The Bank was Established in 1979. We are one Among the top leading co-operative banks in Karnataka. We have Fully computerized 11 branches under CORE BANKING SOLUTIONS. The first co-operative Bank in Karnataka to implement the CORE BANKING SOLUTIONS. Continues Audit rating ‘A’ since inception. Over 19,500 members.

e. Inspired by Ideals of Sir. M V. Sir M.Visvesvaraya Co Operative Bank Limited was established in the year 1979 by a few likeminded individuals from different walks of life with a strong desire to cater to the banking needs of lower and middle class people.

Today, the Bank has more than 19500 members and share capital of nearly Rs.29.00 Crores. Sir M. Visvesvaraya Co Operative Bank Limited has its own well equipped corporate office in the heart of Bangalore City with Eleven fully equipped and computerized ( Core Banking Solution) branches spread across the city of Bangalore.

f. The Bank is rightly named after Sir M.Visvesvaraya, a greater visionary ever witnessed by our country. His way of life, his principles, his discipline etc are the guiding force for the development of the bank.

The Bank has a Board of Directors drawn from various fields with expertise. The Bank is striving towards fulfilling and meeting the objectives laid down by the Board and also The Reserve Bank of India.